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Instem Client

Success since 1969

Since its establishment in 1969 and with offices in the United States, Europe and China, Instem has outperformed its competitors in product investment, delivery, new solution launch, and client acquisition.

Instem has also financially outperformed its competitors in all measures, is highly profitable and enjoys a strong business stability rating among all reporting agencies.

Instem invests millions of dollars each year into its products and processes, protecting our clients’ investments and ensuring our systems are exceeding the demands of the markets we serve.

Our prominent position in the Life Sciences was established in the area of drug safety assessment. We currently lead this global market with the integrated Provantis® solution, enjoying a commanding market share position, and growing every year.

Also attributed to Instem’s success is our ability to bring together the brightest talent and proven products. Over the last 10 years we have successfully acquired and merged with leading organizations to create a highly effective and unified team of professionals integrating value-added technologies to the growing suite of Instem solutions. Our solutions serve the complete spectrum, from one-person enterprises to global deployments for hundreds of users in leading, multinational corporations.