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SRS is a proven and scalable data integration platform that is used at over 300 commercial and academic sites delivering genomic data to thousands of users. SRS facilitates the rapid development of applications and algorithms, as well as bioinformatics portals for the Internet or Intranet, making the data efficiently available to entire organizations.

Biochemists and life scientists have been inundated with data from the Human Genome Project, high throughput screening, protein interactions, expression studies and more. This information is organised in many different databases, some highly structured, others in free text.

Designed to ensure flexibility and scalability, SRS provides a multi-layer enterprise scale solution to the problem of large-scale bioinformatics and genomic data integration.

With its unified user interface SRS is the best source of information for the bench scientist. SRS:

  • Allows the seamless integration of databases with hundreds of bioinformatics analysis tools.
  • Provides a single interface to data and tools.
  • Allows all data, regardless of its format, to be queried in the same way, at the same time with rapid results.
  • Gives the ability to query or view one or more databases simultaneously.
  • Makes it possible to integrate proprietary data with publicly available or licensed data.
  • Includes the ability to link from single or multiple sources to single or multiple destinations.

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