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Published originally by Logos Technologies prior to Instem ownership, included here for information purposes

Logos Technologies launches PDAQ™ for ePRO data collection

1st March 2013

Logos Technologies is delighted to announce the release of its ePRO data collection tool, PDAQ™ (Patient Data AcQuisition) which has been specifically designed to improve the collection and review of electronic Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO) clinical data.

“We are both delighted and immensely proud of this app. This outstanding addition to the utility of ALPHADAS, exploiting the latest in device and platform technologies, along with the current, market tested integrations that already exist with ALPHADAS and our peerless implementation team puts Logos Technologies truly at the forefront of electronic data collection in early phase clinical trials.” said Mark Cusack, VP Business Development, Logos Technologies. 

  • Fully validated & regulatory compliant Web App
  • Utility end to end through all stages of the clinical trial process – offering ground breaking efficiencies in critical areas such as screening
  • Can be stand alone or as inherent part of ALPHADAS® - one user interface and system for the entire trial management, data collection & review process, integrating with other clinical trial systems & medical devices
  • Shown produce data of highest accuracy & quality which is then available for real time review by the site and sponsor alike – whether the study subject is within and away from the clinical unit
  • Developed in partnership with Inflamax Research Inc, Toronto, a client partner of Logos and world leaders in Environmental Exposure Chambers (EEC) studies
  • Is available on a variety of devices – both Windows & Android tablets, phones…
  • Has been presented as a poster titled ’A Novel Validated Electronic Patient Data Acquisition Tool Standardizes Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) Data Acquisition Across Multi-Center Environmental Exposure Chamber and Field Studies’  co-authored with Inflamax Research
  • Already in use in clinical pharmacology trials

 Data collection features include:

  • on-screen questionnaires, 
  • visual analog scales (VAS),
  • response time metrics, 
  • coordination tasks
  • high resolution image capture
  • Evaluator interview via video conferencing
  • Subject data recorded is available in real-time to sponsors allowing for real-time data query and resolution, reducing costs & transcription errors

Mark Cusack continues. “It is now beyond doubt that Logos set the path for others to follow. Key to our industry leadership are the collaborations with our client partners – development being driven by real life needs and solutions. The co-development of PDAQ with Dr Piyush Patel, a Key Opinion Leader in his field & Inflamax Research is a demonstration of how Logos Technologies view their clients as partners. Our end users are the true owners of ALPHADAS.” 

Press Contact:

Angela King