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Instem at SOT 2019 in Baltimore

Exhibitor Hosted Sessions

The Value of SEND Data – Industry Perspectives

Monday, March 11th
4:30pm - 5:30pm
Room 337

Although a standard, there can be differences in the way SEND data can be presented. Some are only concerned about doing what is needed for the FDA to accept their submission, while others are looking beyond to gain maximum value out of their SEND data. Come and join the discussion to shape your strategy and approach to best suit the demands and needs of your organization.

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Innovation and Industry Trends in Target Safety Assessment

Tuesday, March 12th
4:30pm - 5:30pm
Room 337

Join our session to learn how Instem’s KnowledgeScan TSA service harnesses innovations in technology, workflow and data visualization to enable the expeditious production of comprehensive, consistent and high-quality TSAs.

Booths at ToxExpo

Booth 3533

Leading IT Solutions - Leading IT Results
Submit™: The most widely adopted SEND software & outsourced study services. Learn how you can, submit with confidence.
Provantis®: The #1 solution for preclinical study management, accessed online (SaaS) or on-premise.
KnowledgeScan™ Target Safety Assessment (TSA) Service: Setting new standards in biological target profiling - a pioneering technology-enabled service delivering comprehensive, consistent, high quality TSAs more quickly and efficiently.

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Booth 3856

Using Instem’s leading Genetox Solutions, stop by and learn how clients are improving the integration between data acquisition, auditing and reporting for genetox assays. Our flagship solutions include Comet Assay IV, Sorcerer Colony County, Ames Study Manager and Cyto Study Manager. Also be sure to talk to us about SEND!
Consolidating, harmonizing and empowering the processes that help bring products to market faster.

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Booth 4234

Target Safety Assessment (TSA) Services: Setting new standards in biological target profiling
Visit Instem’s TSA Center of Excellence at booth 4234 to learn how organizations are harnessing innovations in technology, workflow, and data visualization to transform TSA processes. Using leading edge augmented intelligence capabilities, our pioneering, technology-enabled KnowledgeScan TSA service enables clients to produce comprehensive, consistent, high quality TSAs more quickly and efficiently.

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If you would like to talk to us more about anything you saw during your visit to SOT contact us at indicating your area of interest.

We look forward to seeing you again next year!