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BioKinetic Europe Selects ALPHADAS to Fully Automate Phase I Clinical Unit in Belfast

ALPHADAS to Enable BioKinetic to Accelerate and Streamline Processes

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA - (BUSINESS WIRE) – October 1, 2015 - -Instem, a leading provider of IT solutions to the global early development healthcare market, announced today that BioKinetic Europe (“BioKinetic”) has purchased the ALPHADAS® clinical trials software solution suite for deployment in its Phase I unit located in Belfast, Ireland.

BioKinetic has completed over 400 clinical trials for global sponsor companies in Europe, North America and Asia offering services covering a wide range of therapeutic areas. They work collaboratively with clinical research teams to design a program of early phase studies best suited to a sponsor’s drugs’ needs. Also, BioKinetic is a FPM (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine) approved educational training unit, with a range of Principal Investigators and Clinical Research Professionals with rich experience and expertise.

Following a competitive evaluation of commercial software systems and vendors, BioKinetic selected Instem’s ALPHADAS software suite to help modernize processes, improve quality and further enhance the services they provide to their sponsors.

“Reputation is everything and is one of the primary reasons why we chose ALPHADAS backed by Instem, “comments, David Bell, Medical Director at BioKinetic. “ALPHADAS is being successfully utilized across four continents and is proven to improve operational efficiencies, reduce trial times, enhance data quality and protocol compliance while offering real-time data for sponsors. The clinical experience of their team was very re-assuring and compelling, and they were the one supplier that could demonstrate a clear understanding of our objectives. Instem is a global, publicly listed-company and it was their leadership across health and life sciences backed by a stellar reputation for product investment and client support that made them a natural fit for us now and as we look towards the future. We want to deliver the best results, so we evaluated the market and have chosen what we are convinced is the best solution.”

Accessed on-site or via the Instem Cloud, the ALPHADAS software solution suite is a proactive early phase eSource data capture system with comprehensive CTMS capabilities. ALPHADAS is mobile, schedule-driven, and provides real-time bedside or station based direct data capture that virtually eliminates paper-based data.  

“It is encouraging to see another fine organization like BioKinetic turn to us to replace an existing system and to provide comprehensive technology-driven process gains across the unit,” comments Gwen Aston, Vice President, Implementations and Client Relations at Instem Clinical. “Beyond our software, the experience of our market leading team meant we were able to realize and understand BioKinetics aims and goals. They will operate as an extension of BioKinetic’s own deployment teams, advising on and helping drive process improvements while maximizing the return on their deployments. We uniquely keep our clients focused on their science, not their software.”

BioKinetic will be accessing ALPHADAS over the Web via Instem’s professionally managed online platforms which are run from centralized state-of-the-art data centers and are being used by drug developers, contract research organizations, universities, research institutes and government agencies around the world.

Key Facts

  • ALPHADAS to be deployed at a BioKinetic Europe’s Phase I unit in Belfast, Ireland
  • ALPHADAS solution replacing existing software system with additional features and functionality covering a wider application area
  • BioKinetic to implement entire ALPHADAS software suite for recruitment, site management, data collection, sample tracking and data management
  • BioKinetic using Instem’s professionally managed online Platforms to access ALPHADAS
  • Instem chosen for reputation, market position and leadership, product functionality and ability to deploy rapidly

About BioKinetic Europe

Based in Belfast, Ireland BioKinetic has been at the forefront of early phase drug development for over 19 years. The company has been steadily increasing in size, now employing over 40 full-time members of staff operating to the UK regulatory body’s (MHRA) highest standard of Supplementary Accreditation.

BioKinetic designs and conducts early phase trials with real world outcomes in mind.

Learn more about their mission at

About Instem

Instem is a leading supplier of IT applications to the early development healthcare market delivering compelling solutions for data collection, management and analysis across the R&D continuum. Instem applications are in use by customers worldwide, meeting the rapidly expanding needs of life science and healthcare organizations for data-driven decision making, leading to safer, more effective products.

Instem’s portfolio of software solutions increases client productivity by automating study-related processes while offering the unique ability to generate new knowledge through the extraction and harmonization of actionable scientific information.

Instem supports over 400 clients through full service offices in the United States, United Kingdom and China with additional locations in Japan and India.

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