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Published originally by Logos Technologies prior to Instem ownership, included here for information purposes

Inflamax Research selects ALPHADAS® Logos Technologies' Early Phase EDC System

2nd November 2012

Logos Technologies is delighted to announce today that Inflamax Research Inc (Inflamax) has entered into an agreement with Logos Technologies’ for its’ market leading, early phase, e-source data capture (EDC) system and site automation software suite  ALPHADAS, which gives clinical research sites unsurpassedtools to accelerate and streamline their clinical trial operations and service. ALPHADAS is to be implemented in the Inflamax Phase I unit, located in Mississauga, Canada.

Giles Wilson, CEO of Logos Technologies said “This repeated endorsement of Logos Technologies & ALPHADAS by Dr Piyush Patel, founder and CEO of Inflamax is particularly pleasing and indicative of how integral and rewarding ALPHADAS is to an organization. We first contracted with Dr Patel in 1999 and a demonstration of how the delivery and excellence of ALPHADAS was integral to his previous success is shown in his return to purchase ALPHADAS for his new business. The message is clear: ALPHADAS and the team at Logos deliver time and again, delivering a compelling ROI for the clients of Logos Technologies.”

Dr Patel, CEO & Medical Director of Inflamax said, "We are delighted to enter in to this agreement with Logos Technologies. ALPHADAS, the EDC system which we have installed at the set-up of our facility paves the way for us to perform paperless phase 1 and Environmental Exposure Chamber (EEC) studies. We are particularly excited about using e-source and site automation in running our EEC studies; this capability puts us in the forefront of available technology in EEC studies. No other EEC site world-wide has such a capacity and it highlights our goal to be the most scientifically and technologically advanced early phase CRO globally".

Mark Cusack, VP Global Business Development of Logos Technologies adds, “Inflamax and Dr Patel are adopting the latest and most advanced technologies in their environmental chambers – both static & mobile – of which ALPHADAS will be integral – not just for clinical data collection, but also the CTMS modules, for example the study subject recruitment & resource planning and management modules.  It is exactly because of partnerships like this with our clients that has led to the pre-eminence of ALPHADAS, it being the most comprehensive, robust and widely used e-source EDC system in the market today.”

Dr Patel is an industry veteran and key thought leader with over 25 years’ experience in clinical research, a principal investigator in over 500 studies and has authored many seminal publications and  patents in EEC technology. Dr Patel previously founded a large CRO specializing in EEC studies and currently sits on the board of a number of organizations and is the founder and CEO of Inflamax Research Inc. Dr Patel's invaluable broad experience makes him and Inflamax the go-to CRO for clinical research in allergy, ocular surface disease, asthma and dermatology.

ALPHADAS, is an e-Source, pro-active EDC automation system designed specifically for early phase clinical trials which has achieved great success.  It is a market proven solution that offers a depth of functionality other systems cannot provide. The dedicated team behind ALPHADAS are Experts in Early Phase EDC and provide an unrivalled level of service, experience and expertise to its clients. Logos Technologies continues to invest in ALPHADAS, even further increasing its performance and functionality making it the ‘System of Choice’ for early phase EDC.

About Inflamax Research

Inflamax is a full service contract research organization specializing in providing unique proprietary controlled research methods to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in areas such as Allergic and Non-Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis, Ocular Surface disease, Asthma, COPD and Dermatology. 

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Angela King