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Published originally by Logos Technologies prior to Instem ownership, included here for information purposes

Richmond Pharmacology Selects ALPHADAS®, Logos Technologies Early Phase EDC System

15th October 2011

It is announced today that Richmond Pharmacology has selected the market leading, early phase, e-source data capture system and site automation software suite, ALPHADAS which gives clinical research sites unsurpassed tools to accelerate and streamline their clinical trial operations and service. ALPHADAS is to be implemented initially in their MHRA Phase I Accredited facility, located in MayDay Hospital, London, UK.

“We welcome Richmond Pharmacology as our most recent client partner and look forward to seeing them reap the tremendous rewards that ALPHADAS brings.” said Giles Wilson, BEng, CEO of Logos Technologies Inc. “Selecting a System that can, ‘out of the box’ deliver immediate and direct benefits for clinical staff, site management and sponsors alike was an important requirement and through this partnership we look forward to life changing and life saving drugs reaching the market safely and more quickly. we were keen to take a flexible and consultative approach in supporting the business needs and considerations of Richmond Pharmacology, structuring a supportive relationship and partnership that is both sensitive to the current economic climate and fairly meets the needs of all parties.

Richmond Pharmacology is the UK’s only Early Phase Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) to conduct trials from within 2 acute NHS Teaching Hospitals who provide innovative Early Phase clinical and SMO (Site Management Organisation) solutions to 7 of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies. Richmond Pharmacology’s Director of Operations Dr Keith Berelowitz, states “We decided that after our dedicated Labs team here had witnessed and reviewed the capabilities of the automated quality process that the ALPHADAS Laboratory System can deliver, that this would be a straight forward module to begin our implementation and see a fast return on our investment. Coupled with the proactive approach from Logos to our relationship, not least across the implementation timetable, it was a very easy decision. We look forward to enjoying the benefits of ALPHADAS System.”

Richmond Pharmacology evaluated several other products in the sector and chose ALPHADAS because of its depth of product functionality and the experience of Logos Technologies. “We are very keen to capitalize on our track record of success. Judicious investment into the ALPHADAS System will help us achieve this - building on our position as experts in areas key to our sponsors such as First in Man and Japanese bridging studies and also serving as a further demonstration of our pedigree as world leaders in TQT studies. We are excited at the further potential benefits that the full ALPHADAS System could bring.” Said Dr Jorg Taubel, CEO of Richmond Pharmacology.

ALPHADAS, is an e-Source, pro-active EDC system designed specifically for early phase clinical trials which has achieved great success. It is a market proven solution that offers a depth of functionality other systems cannot provide. The dedicated team behind ALPHADAS are Experts in early Phase EDC and provide an unrivalled level of service, experience and expertise to its clients. Logos Technologies continues to invest in ALPHADAS, even further increasing its performance and functionality making it the system of choice for early phase EDC.

About Richmond Pharmacology

Richmond Pharmacology is the UK's leading Full-Service Specialist Clinical Research Organisation that conducts early phase clinical trials on a multitude of volunteer panels including young healthy, elderly healthy, Japanese and patients from primary and secondary care; in order to develop new medicines, treatments and cures for the future, helping to improve the quality of life for others. Our research units are based within two acute London teaching hospitals; St George's Hospital University of London and Mayday University Hospital.

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