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Published originally by Logos Technologies prior to Instem ownership, included here for information purposes

Community Research Selects ALPHADAS®, Logos Technologies Early Phase EDC System

18th October 2011

It is announced today that Community Research has entered into an agreement with Logos Technologies’ for its market leading, early phase, e-source data capture system and site automation software suite, ALPHADAS, which gives clinical research sites unsurpassed tools to accelerate and streamline their clinical trial operations and service. ALPHADAS is to be implemented in their state of the art research facility, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

“We are delighted to welcome Community Research to our growing list of clients and look forward to working in collaboration with them to provide their Sponsors with faster, cleaner and more accurate data.” said Giles Wilson, BEng, CEO of Logos Technologies Inc. “ALPHADAS is an established and market proven solution that delivers faster results. We realise that companies have differing requirements and through its modular and flexible structure ALPHADAS can be tailored to fit a client’s individual needs. ALPHADAS is a system that ‘fits all’, it can be installed progressively in modules, meeting both a clients immediate requirements but also their longer term goals. Our open and flexible approach to Community Research’s requirements has forged a strong, mutually beneficial relationship for the future”.

Community Research is a dedicated clinical research site that offers a full spectrum of Phase 1 clinical trial services: BA/BE, PK/PD, SAD, MAD, and First-in-Man. Community Research Co-Founder & Director of Clinical Research, David W. Mayleben, states “We selected ALPHADAS not just for now but also for the future. With ALPHADAS, Logos Technologies have a system that uses technology to deliver exceptional benefits for both the end users of the data and critically the end users of ALPHADAS throughout the clinical unit - at the bedside, in the lab and the recruitment & management department.”

Community Research evaluated several other products in the sector and chose ALPHADAS because of its depth of product functionality and the experience of Logos Technologies. Adam Roth, Director of Clinical Operations states, “We are delighted to be taking these first steps and implementing the ALPHADAS Laboratory Management System. Its’ intuitive barcode management system will streamline our processes and enhance our service to sponsors. Logos Technologies have been very proactive and genuinely sought to understand Community Research as a business, not just for now but for the future. We are excited by this partnership.”

ALPHADAS, is an e-Source, pro-active EDC automation system designed specifically for early phase clinical trials which has achieved great success. It is a market proven solution that offers a depth of functionality other systems cannot provide. The dedicated team behind ALPHADAS are Experts in Early Phase EDC and provide an unrivalled level of service, experience and expertise to its clients. Logos Technologies continues to invest in ALPHADAS, even further increasing its performance and functionality making it the ‘System of Choice’ for early phase EDC.

About Community Research

Community Research (CR) is a dedicated clinical research center in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is not affiliated with any SMO or similar organization. CR conducts phase I-IV clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry in a variety of therapeutic indications. Our Mission is to facilitate the development of pharmaceutical products by providing consistently reliable clinical research. As a dedicated clinical research site, we are committed to excellence in the clinical trials process and we strive to produce the highest quality data while meeting the high ethical and professional standards of our industry.

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Angela King