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Instem Reports Another Year of High Growth for In Silico Solutions

High Demand for Target Safety Assessment Services and Computational Toxicology Solutions Continues Throughout Discovery and Nonclinical

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Jan 27, 2021 - Instem, a leading provider of IT solutions to the global life sciences market, reported today that 2020 was again a high growth year for its In Silico Solutions suite of software and outsourced services.

Instem’s pioneering In Silico solutions enable researchers to generate new scientific insights through the identification, extraction and analysis of data to create actionable information.

Target Safety Assessments

One of Instem’s leading offerings in this area is KnowledgeScan™, a technology-enabled service for the creation of Target Safety Assessments (TSAs). A critical part of Drug Discovery, TSAs help organizations to identify and assess unintended adverse consequences of potential treatments before expensive investment is made. This enables researchers to mitigate against target-related toxicities, or to prioritize targets with lower safety risks across the early drug discovery portfolio.

Research organizations continue to recognize the importance of TSAs, and as a result, demand for Instem’s KnowledgeScan™ service has continued to grow rapidly year on year, with double digit growth reported during 2020. During the year, Instem further expanded its KnowledgeScan customer base, adding new clients across the globe.  Instem expects demand for its TSA services to continue throughout 2021, as a strong new and repeat business pipeline for the year develops.

During 2020, Instem invested heavily in next generation technology and innovative process enhancements to ensure even higher levels of service and faster turnaround times for its growing TSA client roster. As a result, Instem is now able to offer clients an expanded portfolio of TSA reports, ranging from condensed, rapid turnaround TSAs to comprehensive, full TSAs including detailed toxicological interpretations.   

Additionally, during 2020, Instem’s Target Safety Assessment experts set the scientific community abuzz with the creation and release of a detailed report into the ACE2 receptor, a target that is currently receiving a significant amount of attention. The report was made available free of charge to the scientific community and Instem is committed to providing additional insights into ACE2 throughout 2021.

Computational Toxicology

Another key component of Instem’s In Silico offering is a suite of powerful Computational Toxicology solutions and services, developed by Leadscope, an Instem company. Known for their advanced informatics and prediction technology, together with comprehensive database solutions, Leadscope helps organizations around the world effectively unlock valuable knowledge contained in both public and proprietary sources of research data. Clients searching Leadscope’s toxicity databases can access well over 500,000 toxicology studies for more than 200,000 chemicals, enabling fast, accurate, defendable and regulatory-accepted predictions.

In December 2020, following the first full year after Instem’s acquisition of Leadscope, Instem was proud to launch the Predict™ In Silico Toxicology service. Predict™ is a leading edge, technology-enabled service that delivers a combination of powerful computation models with expert scientific review, to help clients predict chemical safety more quickly, efficiently and comprehensively.

The new Predict™ service leverages Instem’s expertise in delivering technology-enabled services across a large area of the R&D continuum, alongside best-in-class computational models, to deliver comprehensive, unbiased, high quality, regulatory-accepted assessments of chemical safety.

The Predict™ service is delivered by an experienced team, in conjunction with external consultants, who have a deep understanding of applicable guidelines and regulatory agencies’ processes, as well as extensive experience in computational methodologies, toxicology, and chemistry. All assessments and expert reviews are based on a documented standard operating procedure and leverage an infrastructure that ensures the latest information is being used, including historical databases of toxicity studies.

Predict™ supports a variety of applications including the ICH M7 pharmaceutical impurities guideline, assessment of extractables and leachables, and classification and labelling.

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About Instem

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