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SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo

Instem at SOT 2022

Preclinical Solutions Hub, Island Booth #1625

Visit our Preclinical Software Center to discuss all your preclinical needs, or stop by to speak with our SEND experts at The SEND Pavilion.

Preclinical Software Center

Learn how Instem’s preclinical solutions keep our clients focused on their science, not their software. Provantis® is the #1 online solution for managing preclinical studies. Come see our new “Insights” feature in our Pathology module. Learn about submit™, the most widely adopted modular software suite for creating, reviewing, visualizing and managing SEND data. Our Genetic Tox Solutions are in a class of their own, featuring Comet Assay IV and Cyto Study Manager. Leading IT Solutions - Leading IT Results.

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The SEND Pavilion

Have all your SEND related questions answered by our SEND experts at The SEND Pavilion. From study conversions to data verifications or consulting, Instem is the leading SEND authority. Our comprehensive services deliver exactly what our clients need, when they need it. Our intuitive submit™ software enables our DIY clients to create, QC review and visualize SEND datasets.

Our unmatched credentials enable organizations around the world to, submit™ with confidence.

Let us help SEND work for you.

Expertise. Speed. Quality.

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In Silico Center of Excellence, Booth #1729

Stop by Instem’s In Silico Center of Excellence and find out how our software and outsourced services enable researchers to generate new scientific insights through the identification, extraction and analysis of data to create actionable information.

KnowledgeScan™ Target Safety Assessment (TSA) Service: Delivering comprehensive TSAs for clients around the world, enabling them to make faster, better-informed decisions on their drug targets.

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Leadscope Model Applier: Advanced informatics and prediction technology, together with comprehensive database solutions that are helping organizations effectively unlock valuable knowledge contained in both public and proprietary sources of research data.

Predict™ In Silico Toxicology service: A leading edge, technology-enabled service that delivers a combination of powerful computation models with expert scientific review, to help clients predict chemical safety more quickly, efficiently and comprehensively.

If you would like to schedule a discussion with us during SOT contact us at indicating your area of interest.

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Workshop Session

Join Instem's VP Informatics, Dr. Glenn Myatt, for his presentation titled ‘Assessment of Whether Acute Toxicity In Silico Models Are Fit for Purpose for Classification and Labeling’ as part of the workshop, ‘Use of Computational Methods for Addressing Occupational Safety: Opportunities to Support the 3Rs’

Wednesday 30th March, 2.00pm - 2.25pm (PST), Room CC 1

Instem Presentations

Please join us for an Exhibitor Hosted Presentation, no advance registration is required:

Turn SEND Challenges into Opportunities

Monday 28th March, 4.30pm - 5.30pm (PST), Room 22

As an industry service provider, Instem sees studies and SEND from a variety of organizations, giving us a well-rounded viewpoint. In this session, we will share and discuss common challenges and opportunities we see arising from SEND, including its ever-increasing scope and the immanent requirement for DART studies.

Using Leadscope Computational Software to assess N-nitrosamine potency classes – Presented by Instem

Tuesday 29th March, 3.00pm - 4.00pm (PST), Room 23C

This session will outline how new in silico models and first-to-market software capabilities from Instem are supporting regulatory submissions, classification and labelling, and various new R&D activities. We will also include a review of recent updates to support the assessment of N-nitrosamine potency classes based on an extensive industry collaboration.

Target Safety Assessment – Accelerating and Optimizing Your Journey to Regulatory Submission

Wednesday 30th March, 12.00pm - 1.00pm (PST), Room 22

Instem’s KnowledgeScan™ Target Safety Assessment (TSA) service sets new standards in biological target profiling. After completing hundreds of TSAs, we understand the challenges and opportunities associated with target modulation. Join us to learn how our pioneering, technology-enabled service is transforming the TSA process, driving quality, pace, and insight in R&D. 

We are also pleased to be involved in the following posters:

Abstract Title: The use of Leadscope’s skin sensitization alerts in the OECD 497 Integrated Testing Strategy (ITS) defined approach workflow
Presenting Author: Candice Johnson
Session Title: Computational Toxicology II
Session Time: Wednesday 30 March – 10.45am to 12.30pm (PST)

Abstract Title: Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Model to Predict Cardiac Adverse Effects
Co Author: Kevin Cross (In collaboration with the FDA)
Session Title: Computational Toxicology II
Session Time: Wednesday 30 March – 10.45am to 12.30pm (PST)

Abstract Title: A Chemical Landscape Based on In Silico Data Availability Profile across Diverse In Vitro/In Vivo Assays to Support Read-Across Evaluations
Co Author: Kevin Cross (In collaboration with NIEHS)
Session Title: Late-Breaking 4
Presentation Date and Time: Thursday, March 31, 2022; 8.30am to 11.30am
Presentation Location: Convention Center Sails Pavilion