ALPHADAS Delivers Results on Day 1

We believe results are what matters, and that’s what makes ALPHADAS unique. Our team’s unmatched expertise and hands-on experience running early phase clinics and implementing eSource systems around the world ensures our clients maximize value from ALPHADAS on Day 1. Our early phase expertise is second to none and with more than 100 years of hands-on, practical experience in the Clinical team our clients can be assured that the transformation of how they conduct early phase clinical trials will be handled smoothly and efficiently.

ALPHADAS® is a compelling end-to-end software solution that expedites key drug development decision making and provides operational savings throughout the business. By driving quality and streamlining processes, ALPHADAS has become the benchmark by which organizations across the world accelerate early phase clinical trial operations and services, allowing for operational efficiencies throughout the business. Key benefits include:

  • Higher quality data at the point of collection / direct device capture
  • Increased participant safety via real-time integrated checks / alerts
  • Reduced study implementation setup time and cost
  • Faster participant recruitment
  • Paperless workflows eliminate the need for data transcription
  • Immediate and accessible data review and reporting including remote monitoring
  • Comprehensive eCRF/EDC supports remote sites
  • Direct export of SDTM (CDISC) compliant data
  • Rapid database lock

ALPHADAS Key Features

Subject Recruitment & Management

  • Fully searchable, customizable participant database
  • Optimized participant selection
  • Flexible screening / study visit appointment management
  • Integrated subject payment management

eSource (Real-time Bedside Direct Data Capture)

  • Flexible study setup enables protocol / design changes at any time
  • Direct capture from medical devices (e.g., ECG, vital signs, etc.)
  • Robust, seamless online / offline data collection
  • Protocol-driven, event-based workflows
  • Barcode confirmation ensures correct subject, sample, time point, etc.
  • Real-time quality checks (e.g., out-of-range, out-of-time window, etc.)
  • Ability to directly review / trend data within the same module

Sample Management

  • Full chain of custody from blood draw through shipment
  • Laboratory bench eSource capability (e.g., DOA, microscopy results)
  • Intuitive sample handling workflows drive the laboratory processes 
  • Batch-based workflows enable efficient processing of sample groups
  • Integrated label generation and barcode confirmation ensures sample integrity
  • Ability to integrate to external safety labs with comprehensive physician review

Data Review & Management

  • Real-time, web-based data review facilitates timely onsite or remote monitoring of collected data
  • Integrated data cleaning and tracking leads to expedited database lock
  • Email / SMS alerts inform users of status of data / query issuance

Data Reporting & Export 

  • Comprehensive, integrated reporting including standard and customized reports
  • Integrated dashboards provide live feedback / management metrics of all data contained within the system


  • Provides a web-based interface for data collection accommodating data transcription from external sources and remote site access (e.g., physician offices, investigator sites, etc.)


  • Participant diary tool for collection of data by volunteers / patients either onsite or remotely

ALPHADAS - how it works

Fact Sheet

ALPHADAS - how it works

Fact Sheet

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