The SENDView™ application uniquely simplifies the review of SEND datasets; enabling the user to overcome hard-to-understand SEND concepts, view the data and its relationships in meaningful combinations and to easily keep track of their dataset review progress.

Offering SEND solutions and services since 2004, Instem technical services staff relies upon SENDView as an essential part of the process when creating SEND datasets on behalf of its own clients. SENDView is now available as an independent solution functioning across any source that has produced a complete SEND dataset. Easy to deploy, SENDView offers organizations of all sizes the freedom to explore SEND data using intuitive and easy-to-navigate screens.

Simplified SEND Review

  • Easily address standards errors
  • Easily see relationships between data in different domains
  • See key SEND implementation guide and controlled terminology details in one place
  • Take review notes directly in the application, eliminating additional paperwork
  • See SEND data in a “days across” format commonly used during toxicology data review
  • Track review status using domain and row status entries
  • Easily generate group/sex group summary values including Incidence Counts, Mean, SD and N for comparison against the Study Report

Deployment made simple

The SENDView solution is an easy-to-install/access product allowing clients rapid deployment after placing their activation order

  • Remote installation support included
  • Key-user Web-based training with on-site assistance when necessary
  • Cost effective licensing model
  • No risk trials available
  • Can be installed on-site or accessed on-line (SaaS)


Making the complex, simple

  • Ensures a consistent review procedure for all datasets using task lists
  • No data loading, warehousing or transformation needed
  • No infrastructure needed – no database, no warehouse loading, no SAS installation
  • SEND terminology can be hidden ensuring a wide range of staff can easily learn and use
  • Focus on specific data points using advanced search and filter capabilities, and optionally export to excel for additional analysis
  • Easily generate and view group/sex summary results for the SEND datapoints

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