What if you could score a comet slide in two minutes?

Originally developed by Perceptive Instruments and now part of the Instem solution portfolio, Comet Assay IV is a live video imaging system designed for those seeking fast, accurate and reproducible comet slide scoring.

Comet Assay IV's unique single-click scoring method and instant live video technology make it the most efficient and easy-to-use system available for measuring DNA damage using single cell gel electrophoresis. There are no complicated parameters to adjust and no hardware to install – simply connect the camera and you’re ready to start scoring!

By using the mouse to click once on each cell, you can typically score all the cells on a single comet slide within two minutes!

Comet Assay IV can score many different types of cell; regardless of species, cell size and level of DNA damage. Comet Assay IV uses the parameters defined by Olive et al on the principle of DNA damage and comets are scored appropriately.

With its easy-to-use functionality and enviable reputation, it is clear to see why Comet Assay IV is the market-leading comet scoring system, with approximately 500 systems used in laboratories worldwide!

Comet Assay IV is also the number 1 system used by academics, with over 66% of comet assay publications written by our customers. Read more about how Comet Assay IV is helping academics create respected, peer-reviewed, scientific investigations & publications.

You can try Comet Assay IV for one week for free when you download our trial version of the software.

“I have been using the Comet Assay IV software – it is great! During my software validation, I realized how much easier and precise it is compared to our old software. It makes analyzing the comet slides more enjoyable.” Scientist, Medical Research Centre, USA

Key Highlights

Increase speed – Single click automatic scoring in Comet Assay IV enables you to score comets from a live video. This makes Comet Assay IV the fastest and easiest way to score comets. Improve your laboratory’s productivity today! 

Boost accuracy – With no adjustable settings or tricky configurations to modify, we have eliminated all subjectivity from the scoring process. Comet Assay IV automatically compensates uneven backgrounds or varying levels of brightness, ensuring comparable and reproducible results across a wide range of slides.

Comprehensively analyze – Our integrated hedgehog counter ensures you capture and record all cells, even those with the most damage. All the parameters you need for your analysis: Tail % DNA, tail moment, tail length and more!

Evaluate – Graph and chart your Comet Assay IV data and use powerful macros to compare data across dose ranges. Include statistics, log transforms & frequency distribution graphs in your analysis using our Excel-based tool.

Ensure compliance – Work securely in the knowledge that your system is GLP and FDA 21 CFR compliant. For full data security, consider adding Data Extractor and look at the ‘packages comparison’ section of our fact sheet. Data extractor allows you to browse, sort and filter your result and audit data, you can also review, approve or reject your data.

Integrated study management – Combine Comet Assay IV with our world-leading genetox study management solution: Cyto Study Manager for fully integrated data collection, management and reporting.

For an extensive catalogue of Comet Assay IV case studies, applications and investigations, please visit www.scorecomets.com, our website dedicated to the comet assay. There, we routinely add new articles detailing the very latest publications and investigations conducted using Comet Assay IV. If you would like your publication to be showcased on our site, please contact us!

You work to GLP and so do our genetox solutions…

All of Instem’s genetox solutions are designed with reference to the OECD and S2(R1) guidelines. We ensure our solutions are fully compliant with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and the FDA 21 CFR part 11 rule on electronic signatures.

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