GLP and 21 CFR compliant colony counter solution

Sorcerer Colony Counter is a regulatory compliant system used in laboratories worldwide. Sorcerer Colony Counter combines sophisticated image processing and analysis with innovative hardware to provide fast, accurate counts of bacterial and mammalian colonies for drug development and public health research projects. Sorcerer Colony Counter is widely used in regulatory experiments, such as the Ames test and MLA assay.

Sorcerer Colony Counter has a global reputation for excellence and many of the world’s top pharmaceutical, contract research and public health organizations are using Sorcerer for their colony counting and image analysis applications.

Colony counting features:

  • Automatic separation of overlapping colonies
  • Application adaptable (e.g. MLA, Ames, OPA or SBA)
  • Detects transparent or opaque colonies on a range of media
  • Image Editor for excluding areas (e.g. contamination)

Fast, accurate, automatic plate counting - Sorcerer Colony Counter includes a high-quality industrial-standard camera which relays a live digital video image to your computer screen. At the press of a button, Sorcerer instantly counts all the colonies on your plate and transfers the data to an excel workbook, an Oracle database or Cyto Study Manager.

Fully configurable - Sorcerer Colony Counter comes with a choice of hardware, viewing stands and camera mounting options, ensuring your sample is optimally illuminated and accurately counted. The software can also be optimized to ensure the most accurate plate count. Areas that can be optimized include:

  • type of illumination
  • detection sensitivity
  • object classification
  • separate touching colonies
  • classify or remove objects by size or shape
  • report colony sizes

Key Highlights

  • Powerful data processing
  • Auditing and user control
  • Regulatory compliance with GLP & FDA 21 CFR
  • Rapid, accurate and easy to use
  • Powerful measurement macro builder
  • Data transfer to Excel or Oracle
  • Integrates with Cyto Study Manager to ensure seamless study management and data collection

Sorcerer image analysis technology can also be used for other applications such as automatic & interactive measurements, particle sizing & counting, zones & areas analysis. Find out more about using Sorcerer for general image analysis.

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