Automatic image analysis for life and material sciences

Sorcerer Image Analysis is a powerful, automatic system with a wide range of applications in both the life and material sciences. 

Our image analysis solution is a fast, versatile analytical tool for research and quality control. A high-quality industrial-standard camera which relays a live digital video image to your computer screen is used to view the sample either with a microscope, Petri-viewer, or macro stand and lens. Various optical and illumination techniques are available to ensure an optimal picture is presented for analysis. The system detects and measures objects by contrast differences. Sorcerer utilizes a specialized object detection algorithm for situations where shading is encountered, either induced by the sample or the illumination used.

Wide range of customizations & measurement parameters

Sorcerer is a powerful tool which can be used for a number of imaging applications – talk to us today to see whether Sorcerer Image Analysis is suitable for your application!

Circular, rectangular and user-drawn measurement frames are available to suit the sample type and to select particular regions for analysis. An easy-to-use and customizable “macro builder” allows you to create a sequence of operations for your analysis, for example to prompt the user to enter sample details, perform image processing functions, measure and transfer the data.

Sorcerer can measure both field and feature specific measurements and can analyze individual objects, so you can classify items according to their size, measure areas of images, count specific items and measure features of your image.

Instant, live data transfer to multiple formats

Image analysis data from Sorcerer is transferred directly to Excel (or an Oracle database) and can be processed as required. It is also possible to instruct Sorcerer to perform a measurement from within Excel or other applications. For easy import into third party applications, Sorcerer can also export data in CSV (comma separated values) file format. Images captured by the camera can also be saved for future retrieval and transfer to document processing software.

Flexible use for multiple applications

Sorcerer can be used for many applications within one lab. Using different system configurations, you can control how Sorcerer detects objects and how data is handled and reported. Example applications include:

  • Inhibition zone measurements
  • Multipoint plate scanning
  • Plaque counts
  • Antibiotic susceptibility and MIC assays
  • Unscheduled DNA synthesis (UDS)
  • Particle size and shape analysis
  • ELISPOT assay
  • Pulp and paper quality
  • Chemotaxis
  • Direct Epi-fluorescent filter technique
  • Colony counting and sizing

Regulatory Compliance

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