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Instem’s OmniViz is a powerful commercial off-the-shelf data mining and visual analytics tool that allows users to analyse and explore data sets through interactive visualizations. Millions of records and billions of data points can be processed – meaning that with OmniViz, you can:

  • Discover fresh insight, and rapidly identify regions of similarity and difference
  • Project data free from preconceived opinions, and so unearth hidden features
  • Easily share your analyses with colleagues and customers

OmniViz provides a set of sophisticated statistical and clustering algorithms, and presents data through a series of intuitive visualization tools. OmniViz can work with almost any kind of data, including patents, literature, experimental results, categorical data, gene/protein sequences and chemical structures. This feature, together with powerful import and merging capabilities, permits the integrated analysis of disparate data sources in one common framework.

OmniViz is a flexible tool that can be applied over a broad range of vertical markets. It is currently being deployed in the following areas:

Text analytics, including scientific literature and patents

Quickly understand the thematic landscape of document collections, and identify regions of “white space” in which there may be freedom to operate.

OmniViz Text analytics, including scientific literature and patents
OmniViz Biomarker discovery and analysis

Biomarker discovery and analysis

Survey panels of genes or serum markers to rapidly reveal those that are diagnostic for disease states.

Patient stratification from gene expression data

Cluster patients based on gene expression – identify profiles of activity that are diagnostic for clinical outcomes.

OmniViz Patient stratification from next generation sequencing data
OmniViz Chemical analysis, discovery of structure activity relationships

Chemical analysis, discovery of structure activity relationships

Cluster according to chemical structure and investigate enrichment of activities within groups of similar molecules.

Financial analysis, human resources and more.


New OmniViz Version Now Available

OmniViz Version 6.1.4 is now available, which allows the user to rapidly add and export annotations for document collections of any size:

  • Annotate by keyword, for classification and easy retrieval
  • Annotate by major topic - tag a record with the themes that distinguish it from other records in your collection
  • Annotate by cluster membership, to identify groups of similar documents.

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Systematic Literature Review on your Desktop


And, of course, this new release still benefits from the features added in previous versions:

  • Support for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems
  • Access to more memory, allowing processing of even larger datasets
  • Greater speed - approximately 25% faster than version 6.0
  • Import and merging of multiple worksheets from Excel workbooks.

Click on the link above to find out more about OmniViz, or arrange a free demonstration.

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