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Instem to Release Next Edition of its Leading Computational Toxicology Software Suite

Powerful New In Silico Models and First-to-Market Software Capabilities to Deliver Further Efficiencies and Increased Regulatory Compliance

PHILADELPHIA, PA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – July 29, 2021 - Instem, a leading provider of IT solutions and services to the global life sciences market, announced today that the latest edition of its Leadscope Model Applier computational toxicology software solution will be released in September, ahead of a number of key industry meetings. This latest release includes a comprehensive package of new and updated models and alerts to meet the growing market demand for in silico solutions.

Renowned for their advanced informatics and prediction technology, together with comprehensive database solutions, Instem’s in silico solutions enable organizations around the world to effectively unlock valuable knowledge contained in both public and proprietary sources of research data. Clients can also access well over 500,000 toxicology studies for more than 200,000 chemicals, enabling fast, accurate, defendable and regulatory-accepted predictions.

Key highlights of the 2021 software release include:

  • New ICH M7 Protocol Tool - A new out-of-the-box ICH M7 protocol tool that enables faster, more consistent ICH M7 reporting, identification of carcinogenicity and bacterial mutagenicity data, and the ability to assess whether a chemical is in the cohort of concern.
  • New Bioactivation Profiler – This brand new, first-to-market Bioactivation Alerts suite includes a series of structural alerts associated with reactive metabolite formation. It replaces existing, labor-intensive manual literature review processes, reducing literature review timescales from days to seconds.  The Bioactivation Alerts suite also directly supports recent FDA guidance for industry in relation to in vitro drug interaction studies.
  • New Structure Drawing Tool - A new, easy-to-use, integrated structure drawing package that supports chemical structures and substructure queries, eliminating the need for 3rd party structure drawing applications.
  • Enhanced Skin Sensitization Models - Updated models and alerts for the assessment of skin sensitization; Includes new models to predict ECETOC categories and supports assessment of chemical products, extractables and leachables, and classification and labelling.
  • New Skin Irritation and Corrosion Models – New expert alerts and statistical models to predict Cat. 1 (corrosive), Cat. 2 (irritants), Cat. 3 (mild irritants), and Not Classified, as well as a new, comprehensive skin corrosion/irritation database of approximately 4,000 chemicals.
  • New Endocrine Activity Models – New statistical-based models to support the assessment of endocrine activity, including models for estrogen receptor bioactivity and thyroperoxidase inhibition.
  • Improved Bacterial Mutagenicity Expert Alerts – Updated alerts based on an analysis of 50,000 public and proprietary chemicals with Ames data, including aromatic amines, nitrosamines, halo pyridines and boronic acids. Clients can expect fewer false positives, false negatives, and out-of-domains, as well as benefiting from additional information to support an expert review.
  • Abuse Liability – A new database has been compiled along with structural alerts to profile potential abuse liability.

Dr. Glenn Myatt, VP Informatics, Instem said “We are extremely excited about the 2021 software release, which supports the continued global demand for reliable alternatives to traditional testing methods. Industry and regulators alike are increasingly recognizing the huge benefits of computational toxicology approaches and we are seeing strong and sustained growth in the acceptability and adoption of in silico methods.”

Dr. Myatt continued “This latest software release will enable both existing and prospective clients to accelerate their drug discovery and development processes by ensuring fast, accurate, defendable and regulatory accepted predictions for an increasing range of applications.”  

Instem will be conducting a comprehensive program to help raise awareness of this important 2021 software release through on-demand demonstrations and at key industry events.  

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