Life Science organizations continue to face the challenge of developing products that are safe, effective, and financially feasible.

Biochemists and life scientists have been inundated with data from the Human Genome Project, high throughput screening, protein interactions, expression studies and more. This information is organized in many different databases, some highly structured, others in free text.

Answers to valuable scientific questions often reside in a range of data sources, in different file and data formats, internal and external to an organization. At Instem Scientific, we have many years’ experience in developing tools for extracting and combining the relevant information from carefully-chosen sources, and distributing it to specialist applications for maximum insight.

Our highly configurable file and information management platforms provide “big data” scale environments for identifying, capturing and integrating data sources. Fundamental to our philosophy is the idea of data re-modelling, in which data captured for one application is repurposed to serve another. This is made possible through our approach based on NoSQL and SQL technologies combined with experience of structured and graph-based designs.

Instem is helping to solve the problem of large-scale bioinformatics and genomics data integration

Harnessing insight from an extensive collection of public and private sources has allowed researchers at companies like AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Merck and Abbott to gather information about their targets during program development, find patterns in their research data, and put their own results into a broader scientific context to predict likely outcomes.

Using our bioinformatics toolset, another Instem client will now be able to access, integrate and query preclinical SEND data being created from their own preclinical data collection system as well as SEND data received from their external study partners. This cross-study search and browsing capability will enable them to identify patterns and trends in their data, generating new knowledge and actionable insight.

The re-utilization of scientific data has never been more important. Instem Scientific’s solutions have been designed for clients to leverage large volumes of public and proprietary historic data that deliver true Bio-wisdom, enabling them to create additional value from prior research using consolidated healthcare intelligence.

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