Partnering with Instem

By partnering with Instem you will be gaining access to a community of world-leading universities, research institutes, drug development companies and government research agencies who are constantly turning to Instem to help satisfy unfulfilled scientific and business needs.

Additionally, our strong sales, marketing and general management support coupled with our leadership position in our core markets can open up significant avenues of new revenue streams for your product or service.

The objectives of our partner programs are to help us accelerate product adoption and market penetration, streamline vendor relationships and simplify lines of communication, providing clients with a single point of contact and a consistent level of world-class service.

Track Record of Growth & Success

We have embarked upon a transformational program to increase our addressable market by expanding our reach into adjacent areas of R&D while further growing within our primary market segments.

Come join our mission to help and enhance life
The type of arrangements and opportunities can vary, but typical options for alliance include:

  • Distribution of Instem products
  • The providing of consultancy
  • Instem’s distribution of your products/services
  • Integration projects
  • New solution development  & go-to-market launches
  • Co-development projects

Learn more about the power of partnership and how we may align our efforts to generate new opportunities while further helping our collective clients

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