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Instem Genetox Solution Supports Development of Bioartificial Human Skin Models

Phenion Scientists Deploy Comet Assay IV To Accurately Measure DNA Damage in Phenion Full Thickness Skin Models

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA - Jan 30, 2018 - Instem, a leading provider of IT solutions to the global life sciences market, is pleased to announce that Phenion, an expert in 3D skin model technology, has deployed the Comet Assay IV live video imaging system to analyze DNA damage in Phenion Full Thickness Skin Models that have been subjected to the 3D Skin Comet assay.

Originally developed by Perceptive Instruments, and now part of the Instem solution portfolio, Comet Assay IV is a live video imaging system for fast, accurate and reproducible comet slide scoring. Comet Assay IV's unique single-click scoring method and instant live video technology make it the most efficient and easy-to-use system available for measuring DNA damage using single cell gel electrophoresis.

Comet Assay IV has been successfully deployed in the validation study of the 3D Skin Comet Assay. This assay, built on Phenion Full-Thickness Skin Models, has shown excellent toxicological predictivity during its validation by five US and European laboratories. The assay detects structural DNA damages and other lesions, which may give rise to gene mutations and the method is well-suited to supplement existing in vitro test batteries and to follow-up initial positive findings. The 3D Skin Comet Assay has already successfully supported safety assessments of hair dye ingredients, and scientists envision that the method will be adopted into an OECD test guideline for its global use in safety assessment of chemicals, e. g. in the framework of REACH.

About Phenion

Phenion, with its expertise in skin physiology, markets in vitro testing tools for safety assessment and basic research in dermatology and cosmetic science. Phenion products include the human Phenion Full-Thickness Skin Model and the Phenion Full-Thickness AGED Skin Model. These tissues are exclusively populated with primary human cells, thus perfectly mimicking human skin in diverse dimensions, such as histological architecture and a wide spectrum of physiological skin parameters. After having used the innovative skin models for its own research purposes for many years, the organization has decided to take the next step and grant unlimited access to the Phenion products, thus making them available for other companies, organizations and research institutes.  

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