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Instem Announces New Software Solution to Support Updated Nitrosamines Guidance

New Software Module Introduced to Support the Latest Regulatory-approved Carcinogenic Potency Categorization Approach (CPCA)

PHILADELPHIA, PA - September 28, 2023 - Instem a leading provider of IT solutions and services to the global life sciences market, has announced its latest module offering as part of the Leadscope Model Applier™ computational toxicology software solution.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and Health Canada have recently released a major update on N-nitrosamine impurities in human medicinal products including a new approach to determining Acceptable Intake (AI) limits for N-nitrosamines. The new option is referred to as the Carcinogenic Potency Categorization Approach (CPCA) which is a decision tree that assigns an N-nitrosamine impurity to one of five potency categories based on its chemical environment. This information is used to assign an AI limit based on the potency category resulting from the nitrosamine structure.

Instem’s new Leadscope Model Applier N-Nitrosamine CPCA module will provide a seamless solution for rapidly generating the CPCA potency categories and its associated AI limits based on this latest guidance. Alongside this, the module will automatically and consistently calculate the potency category and associated AI limits in seconds without the need to manually process the detailed and complex chemistry rules, and rapidly generate reports aligned with regulatory expectations.

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