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In addition to a well-established home in the contract research and pharmaceutical laboratories, Comet Assay IV is used every day in hundreds of research laboratories around the world. An ever-growing number of academic institutions and universities rely on Comet Assay IV for their genetox analysis and the majority of comet-related publications are written by our users.

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Pharmaceutical companies may conduct a routine experiment, but an academic laboratory or research institute might have a different approach… 
Comet Assay IV is used in hundreds of scientifically novel publications every year. Each one unique, each one peer-reviewed and each one answering a question which has never been asked before. 

When the answers are not expected, routine, or predictable, researchers turn to Comet Assay IV for reliable interpretation of their results. With a reputation they can trust, Comet Assay IV gives researchers confidence in their science.

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  • 250 universities in 40 countries are currently using Comet Assay IV
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Not only a tool for research, Comet Assay IV can be used as a tool for teaching. With hundreds of systems in universities, it is no surprise that thousands of researchers are using Comet Assay IV to gain valuable experience.

We have seen Comet Assay IV used in continuing education initiatives and expert workshops. The comet assay is used in many diverse scientific fields, and gaining experience in the technique, and in using Comet Assay IV, is a valuable addition to a researcher’s CV.

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Department of Genetic Toxicology and Cancer BiologyMini Case Study 1: A long history of collaboration and a strong future in the application of 3D models for genotoxicity assessment

Department of Genetic Toxicology and Cancer Biology, National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia

In 2003, this influential research group released their first comet assay publication incorporating research carried out using Instem’s comet scoring solution. Since then, the comet assay system has been an integral part of their research; they have been using Comet Assay IV on a daily basis, producing high-quality, peer-reviewed, comet-featuring publications every year!

Recently, their scientists have been working on a 3D in vitro cell model for the assessment of genotoxic activity of xenobiotics. Their 3D hepatic cell model has an increased metabolic competence and, using the comet assay, they demonstrated its high sensitivity for detecting genotoxic activity of different types of indirect acting genotoxic compounds. This novel approach is just one example of how Comet Assay IV is pushing forward the frontiers of genetox testing.

“In our laboratory Comet Assay IV is used every day often for more than 12 hours a day! Comet assay is an integral part of our research and Comet Assay IV enables gathering reliable data for our genetox publications” Bojana Žegura PhD, Assistant Professor

Find out more about the National Institute of Biology

Oxidative Stress Group, Dept. Environmental Health SciencesMini Case Study 2: Comet Assay IV: adventures in curriculum, commercialization and clinical trails

Oxidative Stress Group, Dept. Environmental Health Sciences, Florida International University, Miami, FL USA

Students in the Post Graduate and PhD programs at FIU can gain valuable laboratory experience, including hands-on use of Comet Assay IV, during their education. This prominent research group are not only conducting valuable research in the formation and repair of oxidatively damaged nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, they also have made several advances to the comet assay method, including a novel method for the high-throughput processing of slides using a vertical gel electrophoresis tank. Another significant advance this group have pioneered using Comet Assay IV, is the whole blood comet assay which, excitingly, is now being used in clinical trials. 

“Comet Assay IV is uncomplicated and straightforward. We’re able to train group members quickly and this leaves more time for us to explore our new research project: DNA inter strand crosslinks” Marcus S. Cooke PhD, Professor and Head of Department

Find out more about the Oxidative Stress Group

The Goodarzi Lab for Genome Stability Research, Health Research Innovation Centre, The University of CalgaryMini Case Study 3: Comet assay utilized in radiation research to measure DNA repair following alpha-particle exposure

The Goodarzi Lab for Genome Stability Research, Health Research Innovation Centre, The University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

At the University of Calgary, pioneering investigations regarding radiation exposure and DNA repair are performed. One particular area of interest is the work of Dan Berger, which focuses on the repair of DNA within cells after damage by alpha particles. Alpha radiation is a destructive form of ionizing radiation and is emitted by radon gas. In the laboratory, brain cells are cultured and then exposed to heavy alpha particles. The comet assay is then performed to monitor how these cells repair DNA damage. Dan strives to better understand the DNA double-strand break repair processes in brain cells, and CAIV helps this exciting research. Conclusions formed in this laboratory have a direct impact on radiation protection procedures.

“We’ve got a great procedure in place for culturing the brain cells. Initially it was tricky, but we get nice clean cultures, which we’re able to use in the comet assay and analyse easily with Comet Assay IV” Dan Berger, Post Graduate Scientific Investigator

Read more about using Comet Assay IV in academic environments.


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