Replace GLP & Non-GLP Paper Data!

The Logbook ELN is helping clients across the globe reduce and even eliminate the vast number of paper forms that are used in their laboratories, resulting in reduced costs, increased efficiencies and improved compliance. 

Logbook offers Laboratories a single, searchable, secure repository for their data, and utilizing an easy-to-navigate interface and a flexible form designer, users can quickly and easily re-create paper forms on the spot. 

Logbook provides a safe, secure repository for a wide range of information that would traditionally be kept on paper notebooks and forms such as Study Diaries, Vet Alerts, Facility Management logs, Sampling, Histology, Husbandry Checks and many more.

Why Replace Paper Data Collection?

  • Paper information is static and cannot be searched or shared
  • Paper is less GLP compliant
  • Difficult to build in automated workflow

Solution Benefits

  • Save time and improve data quality
  • Increase productivity and accuracy
  • Flexible form designer - build forms to suit your workflow and data
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant

“Reduce or even eliminate paper while increasing productivity and accuracy”


  • Full GLP compliant audit trail
  • Electronic archiving
  • Comprehensive search capabilities
  • Lists can be populated from external data sources
  • Label creation including barcodes and pictures
  • Send alerts via email or SMS text messaging
  • Output to Word, Excel, Web pages or raw XML
  • Publish information to intranet or Internet
  • Store any type of file (eg Excel, Word, pictures, video etc)

& Many More!!!

Application Areas

The Logbook functionality offers a wide range of uses including

  • Histology Tracking
  • Cleaning/Temperature/Humidity Logs
  • Dose pump calibration
  • Vet Consultations
  • Treatment Plans
  • Clinical Observation Reference Library
  • Husbandry Checks

& Many More!!!

Easy to deploy. Simple to Use.

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